Hear The Difference

Our control room has been specially designed to be acoustically transparent, ensuring that what you hear out the speakers will translate onto any system. Combine that with our recently purchased, Ex Machina - Pulsar near-field monitors, the closest thing to perfection on the market, you can expect professional results. Assisted by Bower and Wilkins headphones for spectral accuracy), this combination ensures your tracks will live up to their full potential.


We pride ourselves on offering good, honest advice when it comes to the mix process. Artists, at times, try to rush a mix at the end of a session when ears are tired and excitement is high looking forward to the finished product. Taking the time to let the mix soak in then coming back with a fresh view always helps when aiming for perfection.

We feel it worth noting the history of our ASP8024 console, previously owned by Cenzo Townshend our console offers great provenance such as the likes of Ed Sheeran, Florence & The Machine, The Maccabees, New Order, Everything Everything to name a few . We now strive to achieve for many more hits to be recorded on this very console.

Mixing can be a time consuming process but equally a very crucial one, If you are on a tight budget or have a specific project and would like to discuss further, please do not hesitate to contact us.