At Highfield Studio

Live Room

The live room offers a spacious, bright area for musicians to perform. Solid wood flooring, architectural acoustic panels and vaulted ceilings give the room a lively character, lending it perfectly to recording acoustic instruments and excelling on drum kit. All this is enjoyed whilst bathed in daylight from the panoramic window, offering views across local woods and countryside.

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Control Room

Our latest refurbishment has given us a stunning new control room. With huge attention to detail put into the materials, angles and textures of the finish, we have achieved a delightful space in which to create and craft the sounds. Based around a 24 ch Mackie desk, Mackie & Event monitoring and Mac / Logic setup, the combination of great acoustics and industry standard gear yields great results.

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Vocal Booth

The final space is the booth. Although big enough for drum kit, it excels at achieving the necessary dry, upfront vocal sounds of modern productions. It also offers versatility in live tracking situations where amps need to be isolated from the live room.

All rooms are adjoined by large windows and speaker / headphone ties for ease of communication. There is also a bright clean kitchen and toilet facilities for the all important tea on your session

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